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The History Of The Hairy Pig

The History of The Hairy Pig begins during a wild boar hunt in the Loire Valley in France. After a wild boar shoot, Chef Joseph Turner has an idea of one day open a restaurant called “The Hairy Pig”. Little did he know that one day the dream would become true, but much further north, in Sweden to be exact, with future wife, and business partner Karolina Turner.

Students at The International School of Hotel Management-Les Roches

In 2005, Joseph achieves a diploma at the internationally known culinary school Leith's School of Food and Wine in London and continues his culinary development at restaurants in Dubai, Spain, England, as well as in the French Alps and the Channel Islands. Shortly afterwards, Joseph goes back to University to deepen his knowledge in Hospitality at “The International School of Hotel Management Les Roches”. At school, Joseph and his study friend Karolina start spending more time together, sharing a passion for food, food production, wine, service and the hospitality industry as a whole. Their friendship grows stronger and they start dreaming and planning to one day open a restaurant called The Hairy Pig together. 

After graduating from Les Roches and getting married, Joseph and Karolina move to Sweden. Joseph gains experience in Swedish cooking under the well-known Swedish Chef “Peter Nordin” before becoming Head Chef of “Villa Godthem” in Djurgården, Stockholm. After having worked at Diplomat Hotel in Stockholm, W Hotel Barcelona and Hard Rock Café in Paris Karolina on the other hand continues to enhance her practical knowledge within marketing, communication and social media at Destination Sigtuna, north of Stockholm.

The Hairy Pig opens in May 2014

In May 2014 Joseph and Karolina dream come true and they open their first restaurant together: The Hairy Pig Deli on Österlånggatan 9 in the old town of Stockholm with only 15 seats. Their specialty is Farm to Table: homemade pork sausages from a local farm north of Stockholm accompanied by small dishes. Their common aim is to spread their passion for homemade, high quality food products and beverages and to create an unforgettable and unique food and dining experience for their guests.

Farm To Table

After the success of The Hairy Pig Deli, Joseph and Karolina decide to open up their second restaurant with their team. Joseph and Karolina extend their sausages to three different types: pork, wild boar and lamb with the lamb still working very closely with family owned Åby Gård north of Stockholm who slaughter the pigs and lamb for the sausages. Joseph and Karolina make their own products and work closely with local farms, bakers, cheese producers and breweries and import wines, charcuteries and cheese directly from the best areas in Europe to ensure quality and origin.

And still today, “The Hairy Pig” from the wild boar hunt in the Loire Valley hangs to be seen in The Hairy Pig’s window in the Old Town as a memory of where it all began.

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