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At The Hairy Pig we hand pick small producers, farms, breeders, breweries, cheese makers and bakers who we work with closely. We try as much as possible to avoid middlemen and to work directly with the producers to ensure origin and quality.

Here you find a list with our partners:

Åby Gård, Husby Långhundra, Uppland, Sverige

Franchi Salumi, Toskana, Italien

Franchi Salumi, Toskana, Italien

Gamla Enskede Bryggeri, Stockholm, Sverige

Aceitunas Bravo S.L, Málaga Spanien

Bagare Per-Olof Berglund, Gamla stan, Stockholm

PepeOil, Kanarieöarna

Falbygdens Ost, Falköping, Sverige

Italcaseus SRL, Codogno, Italien

Filippo Gallino, Canale, Italien

Christian Stahl, Franken, Tyskland

Knäck och Bräck, Falköping, Sverige